Finding and shaping partnerships

Sustainably functioning cooperations are a critical success factor for many companies. We help you to find profitable cooperation partners and together with you we highlight possible areas of cooperation. We consider the following aspects of cooperation:

  • Identification of the fields of cooperation
  • Required competences and characteristics of the cooperation partners
  • Search and approach of suitable cooperation partners
  • Developing win-win strategies for collaboration
  • Negotiation of the cooperation
  • Detailed design of the cooperation
  • Documentation of the decisive parameters and controls

Cooperation workshops

Our cooperation workshops are a tried and tested method, in which the decisive questions are clarified, criteria and values of the cooperation are identified and compared (“matching”). On this basis, we design the most suitable form of cooperation for you, including all parameters. This then forms the basis for a contractual set of rules that may only have to be legally drafted by lawyers. We offer cooperation workshops both for one partner and for all partners together.

Conflict training and mediation

Should conflicts arise during the cooperation negotiations for which you need a neutral perspective, we will be happy to support you within the framework of conflict consulting or mediation. As an authorised process consultant for the unternehmensWERT:Mensch support programme, we can also work on team conflicts.

Review and monitoring workshops

In the course of their cooperation, companies and partners who cooperate with each other are always faced with the challenge that things develop differently than planned. In order to keep the cooperation healthy and alive, we recommend regular workshops in which problems and challenges can be clarified and transformed into new solutions.

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How do you want to cooperate?

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Cooperation models

The range of cooperation models extends from simple customer-supplier relationships through company shareholdings to complex nested organisations. Together with you, we develop the most suitable model for you and your partners.

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